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General Forum Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 28, 2016 4:25 pm

Rules here are simple and easy to follow.

2. No Foul Language. Remember that this is a gaming community and that minors and children could be on this forum.
3. Respect ADMIN and MODERATORS. They have final say over all things. Don't argue with them publicly on the forum. If you have a problem with a member, mod, or admin deal with it privately. If it involves a member and both parties can't come to terms then take it to a mod or admin and all parties involved will be summoned to the Sites Teamspeak 3 server where an officially voice chat conference will take place to discuss the issues and make rulings.
4. Have Fun and Play hard and Play Fair. though i can't tell you how to play you games i ask all things on this site stay fair.
5. If you ask for tech help remember that the help doesnt always come from our site it could come third party or from another site member that has knowledge on it. So be patient and wait for a response. If you solve it before a response is given posted SOLVED in the thread. Be Respectful when getting tech help
6. If your doing PC Games and you post links to dedicated game servers specify if there are mods, passwords, etc along with game types and number of allowed players and if its private or public.

More rules to come later


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